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Huston Sonhouse has been writing and playing music since childhood. After serving as a lead guitarist, singer, and writer in various bands and touring around the country, Huston underwent a musical metamorphosis in 2021 and emerged with an entirely new solo project. The resulting EP, Old Maverick Road, released in 2022, showcases his rich baritone voice and rock-influenced guitar playing in an eclectic western style that is uniquely his own.


At live performances, audiences are treated to a captivating looping show that pairs the intimacy of an underground singer-songwriter set with the rich complexity of a full band performance as Huston builds all of the instrumentation in each of his songs with just a guitar. This special live sound brings a mesmerizing ethereal quality to his outlaw-americana feel.


His latest release and debut full-length album, Fruit from the Tree (2023), blends rock, country, blues, and americana in a mosaic of sound with arresting imagery and haunting themes.

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